Understanding the GPIO pin out mapping for CC2540DK (SmartRF05EB + CC2540EM module)

Developing a prototype with the CC2540DK (SmartRF05EB + CC2540EM) I hit the issue where the pin mapping from the CC2540 chip to the final breakout pin headers is extremely convoluted. Here is source of this issue: CC2540 is mounted on the CC2540EM module using Pin headers P1 and P2. This implies one pin mapping from […]

Arduino integer overflow headscratcher

I was testing out a piece of Arduino code that someone sent my way. They complained that a globalVariable value increment was not having any effect whatsoever. To better understand see the following sketch. Essentially, if all goes well, once the globalVariableTesting hits a value of 10, the program should stop blinking the LEDs. However, […]

Running an async operation from a synchronous function

One of those things that you almost never need, but if you need it, you need it. I hit a scenario where in Windows Phone 8 app, I had to have a Protocol launch handler. If you are not familiar, the protocol launch handler in Windows Phone 8 is done by deriving from the UriMapper […]

Windows Phone 8.0 Direct3d apps don’t have access to Launch Parameters

Recently, someone asked me that if a pure C++/Direct3d application on Windows Phone 8.0 was invoked via LaunchUriAsync, how would one go about getting the Launch Parameters? The MSDN documentation seems to say that  you can use the “ProtocolActivatedEventArgs” parameter in the OnActivated event handler and retrieve the data. After consulting with the appropriate engineering […]

How to add a refresh method to a backbone router

While creating a simple web app, where I created an ajax powered form using backbone.js, I needed the ability to clear the form if the user hit the reset button. So, I thought how about if I just refresh the current view. Backbone.js does not have a method to do that, which is a bit counter […]

Fall Fury Game as a Universal Windows and Windows Phone app

During Build 2014, I ported over the Fall Fury game, that was originally written for Windows Store using DirectX. Porting it over to a  Universal app was quite an experience. The game would compile and work on Windows just fine but as soon as I put Windows Phone 8.1 in the mix, things started going […]