Fall Fury Game as a Universal Windows and Windows Phone app

During Build 2014, I ported over the Fall Fury game, that was originally written for Windows Store using DirectX. Porting it over to a  Universal app was quite an experience. The game would compile and work on Windows just fine but as soon as I put Windows Phone 8.1 in the mix, things started going […]

Editing any document directly from the Windows Explorer using Notepad plus plus

This is a very short post on the excellent integration of Notepad++ with Windows Explorer Shell. I don’t know about you, but quite often, I want to look at contents of various kinds of files e.g. a XAML file or HTML file or a visual studio project (csporj, vcproj) file. If you try to double […]

Lesson 7: Assignment 1 – Etch-a-Sketch and CScript

Hello and Happy New Year! I am back in the new year with the first blog entry that will exercise your mind and give you some hands on experience as you progress through it. Reading input using node.js is not straightforward, and hence, in this assignment, I am having you guys use this tool called […]

Learning Expression Blend – Finally!

I have been developing Windows Phone apps for a while but like most developers, I had a bit of an block towards tools that require fiddling around buttons to change the UI. Windows Phone is all about XAML + C#. I know C# pretty well but XAML has always been a bit of mystery to […]

Windows 8: Finding the details of the current system (including processor architecture) from Win8 app

Someone asked me today how to find the details  of what system/processor architecture the metro app is running on. Searching on the Internet initially did not provide much help, but some deep dive finally did yield some results: On StackOverflow, someone pointed out that the C function GetNativeSystemInfo would provide all that information. I cannot find a […]

Windows 8: Sharing a HTML5 canvas as an image

Recently, I was working on a Win8 Javascript app where I drawing something on an HTML canvas. One of the requirements was that the user should be able to share the contents of the canvas as an image. The toDataURL function in HTML5 easily converts the content of the canvas to an image, so I […]