Lesson 3: Control Flow Statements – Loops and Conditionals

This lesson is about Control flow statements – control flow statements are Loops and Conditional Statements. They are the basic building blocks for writing any complicated logic in a program. Here is the Code file associated with the lesson. To download the file, right click on the link below and select “Save As” and save […]

Lesson 2: Javascript – Syntax and basics

Here is the second lesson, syntax and basics. We go over how to run JavaScript code using Node and learn about data types. Here are the JavaScript files used in this lesson: 10-syntax_and_basics 20-data_types 21-truthy-and-falsy Follow along the lesson in this video using the files above.

A course on Win8 app development with HTML5 and Javascript – Lesson 1

After a long time thinking, preparing and finally getting to recording, I am pleased to announce that I am starting a course on Windows 8 app development with HTML5 and JavaScript. Today, I am posting the Introduction to the course Video. To follow along this course, you would need at least the following tools: Windows […]