Understanding the GPIO pin out mapping for CC2540DK (SmartRF05EB + CC2540EM module)

Developing a prototype with the CC2540DK (SmartRF05EB + CC2540EM) I hit the issue where the pin mapping from the CC2540 chip to the final breakout pin headers is extremely convoluted. Here is source of this issue: CC2540 is mounted on the CC2540EM module using Pin headers P1 and P2. This implies one pin mapping from […]

Arduino integer overflow headscratcher

I was testing out a piece of Arduino code that someone sent my way. They complained that a globalVariable value increment was not having any effect whatsoever. To better understand see the following sketch. Essentially, if all goes well, once the globalVariableTesting hits a value of 10, the program should stop blinking the LEDs. However, […]