Understanding Facebook concepts: Part 1 – Open Graph

I work with Facebook SDK for .NET and recently presented at Facebook Mobile Dev Con in New York. To further the cause, I presented some of my learnings within Microsoft in front of some peers. Then I thought that I should record it as a screencast and put it out there for everyone, so that is what I did. What I learnt from this whole journey was that Facebook is a tremendous platform for presenting information and engaging users into deep, meaningful and personal experiences. This makes the users more engaged and at the same time drives more traffic to your product.

Once out of the realm of marketing, really, technically, the Facebook platform is built around a few simple concepts i.e. Open Graph objects and actions that combine in powerful ways to  convey your message, reach your audience and in general enrich user experiences. Once you understand these basic concepts, the rest of the Facebook platform becomes a lot easier to understand and interact with. Here is the first part explaining what Open Graph is and how the Vertices and Edges in the Open Graph look like.

On a side note, I have started using Camtasia Studio for recording – and what a difference – it has cut down the video sizes from 100s of MBs to 10s of MBs without any significant loss in quality. Hopefully,  you will be able to appreciate it too.

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