How to add a refresh method to a backbone router

While creating a simple web app, where I created an ajax powered form using backbone.js, I needed the ability to clear the form if the user hit the reset¬†button. So, I thought how about if I just refresh the current view. Backbone.js does not have a method to do that, which is a bit counter […]

Fall Fury Game as a Universal Windows and Windows Phone app

During Build 2014, I ported over the Fall Fury game, that was originally written for Windows Store using DirectX. Porting it over to a ¬†Universal app was quite an experience. The game would compile and work on Windows just fine but as soon as I put Windows Phone 8.1 in the mix, things started going […]

Editing any document directly from the Windows Explorer using Notepad plus plus

This is a very short post on the excellent integration of Notepad++ with Windows Explorer Shell. I don’t know about you, but quite often, I want to look at contents of various kinds of files e.g. a XAML file or HTML file or a visual studio project (csporj, vcproj) file. If you try to double […]